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YAT-Maximo is the industry leader in Maximo test automation, introducing “Code free” automation using a spread sheet. One stop shop for creating, managing and running powerful automated tests for IBM Maximo.

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YAT-Maximo (Yodhak Automation Testing framework for Maximo) is the world’s #1 automation testing tool that runs from a spreadsheet. YAT-Maximo was developed by an expert team with an extensive knowledge and experience with Maximo. YAT-Maximo Automation allows flexible and configurable testing of Maximo applications. It can be used with any browser on any platform and is an operating system independent. We have created pre-defined functions, where users can change the values from spreadsheet and run the automated test cases with NO coding experience. The simple, flexible and repeatable method of implementation of automated tests allows to use the skilled workers effectively.

YAT-Maximo offers easy-to-use test automation tools for developing and managing test automation Maximo projects. With YAT-Maximo users can design, record and execute automatic test cases with minimal to no coding experience.  YAT-Maximo users will have access to various testing reports & logs that can be easily customizable to individual needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how YAT-Maximo can save hundreds of hours during a Maximo implementation and significantly reduce implementation costs. We are here to help Quality assurance testing run as smoothly and quickly as possible.


If you are testing Maximo applications with manual QA resources, it is time to adopt Automation testing using YAT-Maximo. It uses human-readable scripts to direct automated testing. With YAT-Maximo Automation, testing is automated and becomes repeatable, consistent, more efficient, and most importantly, Agile.

YAT-Maximo is non-invasive and it does not need to be installed on your production servers. It can run from any computer within the network to test Maximo application.




Are you a business analyst, domain expert, QA team member, automation engineer or a developer? Whatever your role, YAT-Maximo’s automation testing makes it easy for different stakeholders to collaborate. All users are able to participate in testing and ensure the continuous validation of their critical applications.


Business Analyst


YAT-Maximo empowers BA’s to be an active participant in acceptance and software testing. Visually create functional tests using YAT-Maximo and contribute to the overall automation testing process, without the need for scripting knowledge.



Save time by using just one functional testing solution for all the Maximo applications. YAT-Maximo enables TESTERS to create highly portable and re-usable test scripts that can apply across Maximo environments. With YAT-Maximo controller, record and playback the majority of the test cases without even writing a single line of coding. Kick off test runs by hand, or schedule the tests to run automatically and get notified when something goes wrong.




Using the Script Editor of YAT-Maximo, DEVELOPERS can write functional tests during application development, without the need to learn another scripting language or tool. YAT-Maximo provides a seamless integration with Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins and MTM tools.



Keep all team’s tests and results as efficient and systematic as you like. After every test MANAGERS choose get a report that includes all of the warnings and errors with quick links to the corresponding test steps. It is easy to manage and see the results and to organize the testing efforts by department, team, client, environment.



  • Programming Skills Not Required
  • Browser Agnostic & OS Independent
  • Human Readable Test Scripts
  • Click & Go Test Reports
  • Real-time email notifications with test results
  • Script-Free Testing for Non-Programmers
  • Learn and Go functionality for rapidly creating test scripts
  • Reduce testing cost and timescales
  • Powerful integrated reporting capabilities with multiple export formats
  • World Class Tech Support available from Yodhak Maximo test SMEs
  • On-site Expertise for Enterprise Clients
  • Well customizable Reports & Screen Shots
  • Searchable Logs Available
  • Easy to switch the Maximo environment like DEV/QA/PROD